New Mix - Vol. 2: I Like To Move It Move It

Going back to my middle school years, I burned CD mixtapes for friends and classmates to share the stuff I enjoyed. That went on into high school and for my first year of college - but then life became busier and busier, plus the gradual shift to digital kinda made my CD mixtapes obsolete. Anyways, I've had the itch to just put stuff together crudely with some digital mixing software, which led to my first MixCloud upload last year. MANY MONTHS LATER, I've finally gotten around to putting together a new mix, which you can enjoy here:

Update + E3 2015 Recap: Indie titles, we out here.

A long overdue blog post, after doing some updates to my site! Briefly - got engaged last September (marriage date TBA - such is life when you're engaged to a nursing student), left my job of almost four years to pursue a new opportunity, and I've also been heavily considering pursuing some sort of graduate academic courseload. ADULTHOOD STRUGGLES OUT HERE.

Moving on to current events: Last week was my first E3 on the other side of the industry fence, having more access than usual thanks to an exhibitor badge due to working the show. It was a great experience, albeit one where I had to juggle many tasks (Livestreams! Game demos! Tweeting!) in the midst of E3 chaos.

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Streaming the future.

I want to apologize to the rest of humanity for being extremely late to the Breaking Bad party, which the girlfriend and I started going through Netflix Instant last week. Having said that, there are two things out of that statement that do make me sit back and say, "Whoa..." at times - the instantaneous, on-demand nature of entertainment that has continued to spread, and the quality of shows like Breaking Bad.

There was a time where thinking about what you wanted to play/watch/listen/etc. when you wanted, however you wanted, was a pipe dream, a bit out of reach, and here I am, streaming music through Spotify as I type this up. 

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